SOHP Graduate Student Issues Committee 2016-2017

Kyle Page, Roosevelt University - Chair

Committee Purpose

The Graduate Student Issues Committee is focused on addressing the needs of all student members of SOHP. Attention is given to developing and maintaining a positive environment within the society in which students can grow and develop their skills as OHP teachers, researchers, and practitioners.

Committee Members 2016-2017

Kyle Page, Roosevelt University - Chair
Shujaat Ahmed, Illinois Institute of Technology
Stephanie Andel, University of South Florida
Erik Briggs, Missouri State University
Janelle Cheung, Clemson University
Zachary Fragoso, Wayne State University
Derek Hutchinson, University of South Florida
Kathleen Keeler, George Mason University
Chelsea LeNoble, Florida Institute of Technology
Archana Manapragada, Florida International University
Aaron Manier, St. Mary's University
Mallory McCord, University of Central Florida
Michelle Whitfield Mullins, Wayne State University
Alec Munc, Clemson University
Sylwia Oles, Eastern Kentucky University
Samantha Penney, St. Mary's University
Kelly Reburn, Eastern Carolina University
Kelsey-Jo Ritter, Bowling Green State University
Houston Southard, Southern Illinois University - Edwardsville