SOHP Candidate Brief Biographies for President-Elect and Member at Large: 12/2013

A printable version of this document can be downloaded here: SOHP Candidate Bios

Candidates for President-Elect

Emily (Yueng-hsiang) Huang
I am a senior research scientist at Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, having joined the Institute in 2001, and have served as an Associate Editor for the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention for six years. I have received my PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology/Systems Science from Portland State University in 2000.
I joined SOHP in 2006 and have since served in the roles of Member, Member-at-Large, Conference Committee Chair and, most recently, a co-editor for the SOHP newsletter. I joined the Work Stress and Health Conference planning groups in 2007, serving as a member of the Conference Planning Committee, Conference Consultants and the International Scientific Organizing Committee. Occupational Health Psychology is an important domain and I would like to have the opportunity to contribute more to this important society.


Lisa Kath
I received my PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 2005. I was lucky enough to get a job at San Diego State university in 2006, where I've been continuing my research in OHP, focusing on worker stress and safety. I have also served as membership chair of SOHP since 2010.

Candidates for Member at Large

Konstantin Cigularov
Konstantin Cigularov is an Assistant Professor of Industrial-Organizational Psychology and Occupational Health Psychology at Old Dominion University, Norfolk, Virginia. Dr. Cigularov's work reflects his interest and passion for promoting safer and healthier workplaces and work lives. He has conducted occupational safety research and consulted  organizations on developing supportive organizational leadership and climate, improving safety performance and reducing work-related injuries and pain, as well as designing and evaluating safety training programs. He is an active member of the Society for Occupational Health Psychology and has served as a reviewer for numerous journals, including the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.


Christopher Cunningham
Christopher J. L. Cunningham, PhD is a UC Foundation associate professor of industrial-organizational and occupational health psychology at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. He has been a member of SOHP since joining as a graduate student in 2005. He has served SOHP since 2006, first as a member and chair of the Graduate Student Issues subcommittee and then as the SOHP Treasurer and Secretary (since 2008). In a related capacity, he has helped to coordinate the workshops and tutorials for the bi-annual Work, Stress, and Health conference since 2008. He is also an editorial board member for Stress & Health, the International Journal of Stress Management, and the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology.


Michael Ford
I am an assistant professor in the industrial-organizational psychology program at the University at Albany, SUNY.  My main research interests include the influence of unfairness on employee stress, multilevel and longitudinal approaches to the study of employee well-being, and work-family spillover.  I have been a member of SOHP and a regular contributor to the Work, Stress, and Health conference since my time as a graduate student.  I also teach a graduate seminar in OHP and am committed to improving and growing the science and practice of OHP. 


James Meurs
Dr. James A. Meurs (Assistant Professor, University of Calgary) received his Ph.D. from Florida State University under the mentorship of Dr. Pamela L. Perrewé, an SOHP Charter Member. Most of his OHP research has focused on occupational stress, and he is especially interested in examining interpersonal conflict and physiological correlates of chronic and acute stressors. He is on the editorial board of Journal of Occupational Health Psychology and he has been a member of SOHP since 2008.


Maria Karanika-Murray
Dr Maria Karanika-Murray was trained as an occupational health psychologist (MSc and PhD University of Nottingham UK) and is currently employed as a Senior Lecturer in psychology at Nottingham Trent University. Over the years, she has served the OHP community via her involvement in the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology committee in various roles (member representative, deputy external relations officer, and membership officer). Having been involved with both academic and practitioner groups, she is well-aware of the issues concerning the area, and is now keen to serve a larger international constituency of occupational health psychologists.


Russell Matthews
Russell Matthews is an Assistant Professor of Industrial/Organizational Psychology at Bowling Green State University. His research focuses primarily on the examination of the work-family interface as well as broader issues of worker health, safety, and well-being.  To date, Russell has published over 45 peer reviewed articles and book chapters, and been involved in over 80 national and international conference presentations.  He is currently a Member at Larger for SOHP, and has also served on the membership committee. 


Scott McIntyre
I was heavily involved in EA-OHP while I lived in Portugal and am a Charter member of SOHP. My research interests are in the area of work stress and the use of Ecological Momentary Assessment. I look forward to serving SOHP in the future.


Ashley Nixon
Ashley Nixon is an Assistant Professor of HR/OB at Willamette University, where she specializes in occupational stress research, instruction, and consulting. Ashley has been an active participant in SOHP and its events for the past seven years. It is the most rewarding organization with which she is affiliated, given both its strong applied science orientation and focus of worker well-being. She would be delighted to contribute to SOHP and its mission as a Member at Large. 


Heather Odle-Dusseau
Heather Odle Dusseau is an assistant professor in the management department at Gettysburg College, where she began working in 2008 after receiving her PhD in I-O Psychology from Clemson University.  She has been a member of SOHP since 2009, and currently is an associate editor for the SOHP newsletter.  Her interests in occupational health psychology focus on the work-family interface. 


Steven Sauter
Steve has been associated with NIOSH for most of his career and, in this capacity, has been instrumental in the development of the field of OHP, including training programs, SOHP, JOHP, and the Work, Stress and Health conference.  There is a bright future for OHP specialists in occupational safety and health (OSH).  A recent NIOSH survey demonstrated strong employability potential for OHP graduates in the OSH field. My goal as an at-large member would be to strengthen the OSH side of SOHP to further increase this potential.

Norbert Semmer
I am a full professor of psychology of work and organizations at the University of Bern, Switzerland. My major interests refer to (1) stress at work and its implications for health and productivity, (2) characteristics and training of efficiency in work behaviour, and (3) human error and its implications for quality and safety. I am past president of the Swiss Society for the Psychology of Work and Organizations and a fellow of the European Academy of Occupational Health Psychology, and I have been on the International Scientific Committee for the Work, Stress and Health conference several times. In addition, I am on the editorial boards of several journals including JOHP, and I serve on the scientific boards of  the German Federal Institute for Safety at Work and Occupational Safety (German equivalent to NIOSH), and the German Society for Research on Working Time.